A Little About Cupping

Daybreak Therapeutic uses gentle silicone cups, hand-pumped plastic cups, or a combination of the two depending on your personal needs and wants.  Cupping has been practiced around the world for thousands of years, but has only recently begun to gain popularity here in the United States.  The cups are placed on the body using different degrees of suction which pulls the muscle up into a stretch, as opposed to manual massage which tends to use downward pressure to loosen the muscle.  The marks associated with cupping vary depending on how constricted the tissues are.  Typically, these marks are not at all painful and are simply an indicator of stagnant blood.  However, it is possible for the edges of the cups to cause bruising, which is why it is important to give honest feedback to your therapist about your comfort level when they are 'checking in.'

Prenatal Massage

Are you expecting?  Ashley is trained and certified in prenatal massage techniques and has everything to make you comfortable on the table!  Massage during pregnancy can be a wonderful way to relieve the many aches and pains that come with your changing body.


Add an essential oil to your therapeutic massage session!  Daybreak provides several essential oils and oil blends to choose from.  All essential oils will be mixed with lotion before being applied to skin.


Session Prices and

  • 30 min session:  $25
  • 60 min session:  $50
  • 90 min session:  $75

-Add cupping to any session for an extra $12
-Add aromatherapy to any session for an extra $10
New Client Pricing*:

  • 60 min Therapeutic session:  $45
  • 90 min Therapeutic session:  $70

New client discount applied at checkout!

*For new clients only. Does not apply to Gift Certificates. Subject to appointment availability.

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